Oasis Hairdressing/Emma Hawkes

Hairdressing without.. Ammonia,Resorcinol,Parabens & Sulphates.

**Special Offers**

                   **Damage FREE**

 *Organic and Mineral Water gel colour WEB DEAL*

  • Non Peroxide hair colour Gel Colour is the most revolutionary product. It is a 95% water based product that is effective in colouring grey hair. Gel Colour is activated by water and not peroxide, it works with the hairs natural base to produce a vibrant lasting colour
  • There are 20 shades in the range
  • If you have highlights and want to tone them to a warmer or darker shade, Gel colour can retain the highlighted effect. If you have a percentage of grey or white hair Gel colour just these hairs creating beautiful natural lights.

                      +Water gel colour

            +Shine temptress treatment,

                       +Cut and finish

                      £ 70.00 all inc

                   ***Saving £25.00***

 (please mention when booking,long hair + £5.00 ,new clients only)