Oasis Hairdressing/Emma Hawkes

Hairdressing without.. Ammonia,Resorcinol,Parabens & Sulphates.

Organic and Mineral hair colouring

Each product is branded Organic & Mineral and promotes the principle that the products will be of excellent quality, using the latest technology and containing natural ingredients to reduce damage, while imparting condition and shine to the hair .

Organic and mineral Permanent Colour:

  • Ammonia Free – Safer for the hair and scalp
  • Reduces the stress on hair
  • Achieve up to 4-6 levels of lightening
  • Less fading and longer lasting results due to the ammonia free formula
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Creates a shine and leaves the hair in great condition
  • Enhanced with Argan Oil Pleasant fruity fragrance when mixed with our fruity booster developer
  • 80 shades in range

Organic and Mineral Water gel colour

  • Non Peroxide hair colour Gel Colour is the most revolutionary product. It is a 95% water based product that is effective in colouring grey hair. Gel Colour is activated by water and not peroxide, it works with the hairs natural base to produce a vibrant lasting colour
  • There are 20 shades in the range
  • If you have highlights and want to tone them to a warmer or darker shade, Gel colour can retain the highlighted effect. If you have a percentage of grey or white hair Gel colour just these hairs creating beautiful natural lights. 

Seaweed Lightener

  • Specially formulated for modern colouring and highlighting techniques
  • Contains the goodness of natural seaweed extracts
  • The natural organic properties of seaweed are well known for their ability to add richness and natural shine to the hair
  • When used in conjunction with Fruity Booster it will produce the degree of lift you require whilst the unique properties of the Seaweed Lightener and Fruity Booster will protect the hair from damage. 

Shade chart